[PAID] Assign members of FB group to Discourse group

I am looking for help with two projects.

The first:

  1. When a user registers on Discourse with their FB account, check if they are a member of a certain closed FB group (that I am an admin of)
  2. If the user is a member of that FB group, then assign them to a specific Discourse user group (which gives them access to a private category only for group members)
  3. If the user is NOT a member of that FB group, then register them normally into Trust Level 0 with no groups assigned

The second project:

Is there any way to render a Wordpress page (which contains a complex FB feed) ONLY to Discourse members who are a part of the group describe in #2 above?

Thank you!

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I might be able to help with this. Please send me a note via Contact — Literate Computing, LLC


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