[Paid] Help me recover a Botched install

I’m out of my depth and have totally messed our install up.

Very old Ubuntu install, old Discourse, can’t get either to upgrade and can’t get a new SSL certificate installed. Running on a droplet in Digital Ocean. Everything is now shut down. I do have some backups and a live snapshot I took partway through the mess (note to self do a snapshot FIRST!) but not as current as they should to be. Now I’m afraid to do anything since all I’ve done all day is make it worse.

Would like to set up a Zoom meeting where you can screen share and I can record how you fix it so I have some hope of not making the same mistakes again and can continue on.

I have no idea what the going rate is but I’m hoping to keep it under $250 up to a max of $500. We’re a small non-profit and since I screwed it up (I’m a volunteer) I have to pay for the fix myself. I’m in Colorado, Mountain Time and generally do best in earlier morning. I can be up and ready to do stuff from 6am-about 8am then I have to go feed the sheep but can work again from 10am till 2pm when I have to go out and feed the sheep again. By then I’m toast for anything computer related.


Sending a PM.


I was able to locate appropriate assistance. Site is back up and running and updated this morning.

@pfaffman came to my rescue and got the entire site moved to a new droplet and then the data from the old site copied over. Something I was not willing to even consider trying myself.