[Paid] Option to remove metadata from email replies to staged users

Part of [Paid] Meta-request for ticketing system related improvements.

Currently Discourse includes some metadata in the body text of email replies:

  • Sender metadata at the beginning of the reply (avatar, link to user profile…)
  • Group metadata at the end of the reply (group name, number of members…)

This information may be confusing for users, especially staged users who just expect an email reply and don’t have access to any of the links provided (as it is the case of the ticketing system use case).

This is a request to have a configuration option to remove this metadata, leaving only the actual reply. Both for HTML and plaintext.


I am happy to announce that this request is being funded. We plan to work on it in the upcoming weeks.


Just a note to say that this task has been commissioned and the work will start in April.


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