[PAID] Plugin Development, Theme Modification & Assistance with Scaling

Hello there,

I’m seeking a developer to assist with the launch and scaling of a Discourse community to run alongside an existing website & user-base.

I believe this could be a fun and challenging project for a skilled developer :slight_smile:

Initial challenges:-

  • We’ve built a plugin to retrieve basic SSO details (Profile URL of existing website) and display a button on users posts aside their usernames - this needs expanding upon with a modal to display SSO-retrieved images, URLs and other information to be presented in a nice manner (possibly editing the user-card to include this info).

  • We’ve observed a bit of a slowdown on-boarding our initial batch of users, so we’ll need to consider the server load before rolling out to the main bulk of users.

  • We’ve made some theme modifications and we’d like to improve a few things on the mobile-optimised side of things.

Looking to hire on a temporary basis - Up to $50/hr and up to 20hrs a week - Initially feel we’ll need around 1-2 months to see how the community scales, and can consider hiring for a longer-term after this period.

Please PM me if you’d like to discuss the project & terms and we’ll shoot you an invite to our Slack.

Kind Regards,


Still seeking assistance with this :slight_smile:

Hey Geoff, I’ll be happy to help with the scaling part at least. My hourly rate is considerably higher than your budget suggests, but I can probably help at a fixed rate.


Hi Geoff,

Not sure if you found your guy but we have a small agency and we can possibly help you out with this. I will send you a message with our email address if interested.

Thank you.


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