[PAID] Pokémon Catcher Plugin

What would you like done?
We would like to request a Pokemon catching addon for Discourse. In concept, it is similar to Pokemon GO, a mobile game that lets you catch Pokemon as you walk around. The skills needed for this project are familiarity the languages: Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

With this addon, you would explore around the site and as you visit pages, threads and profiles you have a chance to encounter random Pokemon. When you encounter a Pokemon, a popup would appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. The pop up would have a thumbnail of the Pokemon, the Pokemon name, a line of text saying “A wild {Pokemon Name} has appeared!”, and finally, a button that says “Catch?”. Clicking “Catch” would open options for which Pokeball to use. You would then click on the Pokeball, and it would roll a random chance to catch the Pokemon. On success, the Pokemon would be saved to the user’s account, and the option to nickname the Pokemon would appear. After nicknaming, the nickname would be saved as well.

Users would have the option to set one Pokemon as a buddy, like in Pokemon GO. As they post around the site, the Pokemon would gain levels. For example, after making 5 posts, the Pokemon would level up. At specified levels, the Pokemon could “evolve”/be exchanged for another Pokemon that could also be specified (an automatic ‘exchange’ would be my best guess at an easy way to do this). Users could switch these Pokemon at any time, and the levels would remain.

When you click on the avatar or buddy, the user card will open (as it normally does). Underneath the avatar on the user card, the Pokemon Buddy will appear with the nickname (if applicable), the Pokemon name, and the Pokemon level. Underneath this, it will say how many more posts are needed until the next level. Everyone will be able to view the buddy.

On the user’s profile, there should be a tab that, when clicked on, displays all the user’s currently caught Pokemon. Users should be able to disable the Pokemon catching through settings (just in case they don’t want to see the popups or participate).

In order to catch the Pokemon, you would need Pokeballs. We would like different types of PokeBalls to be added to the users account every time a certain increment of posts is made. This item and its quantity will be shown when you click the Catch? button on an encounter. When a user runs out of PokeBalls, they will be greeted by an “Out of PokeBalls!” screen after clicking the Catch? button, until they earn more.

For the admin control panel, we would need these configurations and options:
Global Options:

  • Overall Encounter Rate: Chance that any Pokemon shows up when a page is visited (sometimes one might appear, sometimes not)
  • Overall shiny chance: A percentage value that could display a different Pokemon image instead of the usual one; this would replace the other image but only for that user


  • Add Pokemon
    Image: {Upload image/URL or dropdown select with images from a specified folder)
    Species Name: {Text Input Field}, this is the Pokemon name that appears when the Pokemon is displayed
    Encounter Rate: {Numeric Value}, this is the chance (in %) that the Pokemon will show up
    Catch Rate: {Numeric Value}, this is the chance (in %) that the Pokemon will be successfully caught


  • Add Pokeball
    Image: {Upload image/URL or dropdown select with images from a specified folder)
    Pokeball Name: {Text Input Field}, this is the name of the Pokeball
    Catch Rate Modifier: {Numeric Value}, this increases the catch rate of the Pokemon by the percentage specified in this field
    Number Of Posts: {Numeric Value} The increment of posts needed each time to receive this item

We already use a plugin like this on our XenForo forum which we are planning to move from. You can demo it there to see how it looks and works if you are interested!

When do you need it done?
Within a month would be ideal.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$200 is our budget, but we are willing to negotiate.


Hey @bensjamming, Welcome to the Discourse community!

This job is cool :slight_smile:

However your budget is too low. This will be >$2k. Are you able to increase your budget?

To give you a sense of how Discourse consulting can work, I’ve laid out how I work with clients in my profile.


Thank you. We can be flexible with our budget, but as a community run on user donations (we aren’t a company or privately funded) we simply can’t go that high. I apologise.

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No need to apologise.

A couple of things.

  • I give a 20% discount for open source projects. This can be increased in special cases.

  • I’ve had some success in the past crowdfunding funds from multiple people who want to see the plugin come to life

    • You could either make your feature list generic enough that it would be applicable to other communities who might be interested in sponsoring it

    • You could raise the funds from your community members

  • Alternatively, you could hire a non-discourse-specific developer, or a discourse developer with less experience, to work on it for a lower rate. I doubt whether you’ll get it done for $200, but you could potentially get it done more cheaply.

    The downside of this is approach is that the Discourse codebase is large, multifaceted and changes. My rate reflects the length of time I’ve been working with that codebase and how this reflects in the quality of the code, the stability over time and the support I can give.


I appreciate this a lot, thank you. We’re making some considerations based on what you’ve suggested.


@bensjamming, if you’re open to sharing the costs with other communities then we’d very likely join you in funding this it’s a crazy idea I love it.


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