[PAID] Push Discourse notifications into Facebook Notifications


I have an idea which seems simple but I’m not sure how easy it would be to implement.

Basically I would like a plugin where the user can connect his discourse profile on my community to an app on his Facebook.

What that app would do is that it would show notifications from Discourse inside Facebook notifications, just like any regular notification from facebook (like, reply, mention, etc).

Then when the person clicks on any of those notifications inside his facebook, it would redirect to the specific topic on my discourse install… and if he’s logged in, would open as normal just as if he has clicked on a notification inside Discourse itself.

BTW, I don’t use Facebook sing in/logon for my community. So it would have to be something as an app that I’d say:

Click here to connect to your Facebook account.”… then that would open a Facebook window asking for those standard authorizations. After the ok, the app starts to push notifications from Discourse into Facebook.

That’s the overall idea.

So, for that:

  • Is it possible to work like that?
  • What would the best way to go about it?
  • If you are interested in this project, what would the budget be and how long you believe would take to create it?

After we can add here to the plugin section if other people want to use it :slight_smile:

That’s it.



I don’t know if this is possible, but following in case it somehow is.

Yeah I have a developer here who worked with me before who said it’s doable, so let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

If any of the big guys here want to post some guidelines/tips on how they would approach this project it would be great.

I’ll see to post the code here somewhere as we develop so other people can help with ideas and whatever


If it ends up being doable, please let me know!


Did this developer happen to mention how it could be done? I’d be interested in exploring this with you but I didn’t think it was possible with their API. Granted, I’ve only worked with the Facebook API once.

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(I’m not “the developer”, but)

Facebook does provide a notifications API for apps. Even though it’s under the “games” section, it says it’s for all apps, not just games.


It looks fairly simple to use. I expect the difficult bit would be handling the authentication, or extending the scope of the authentication if the user has already “logged in with Facebook”.


Got it. I didn’t think to look through the games section. Thanks, @david.

@brunoedigital, I’ll send you a PM shortly.

Yeah I know for a fact that facebook notifications are possible. I know cause I have a friend who sells a marketing tool based around that. And the authorization, from the user standpoint, is pretty simple: one click to I accept and it’s good to go.

The work on the backend that I’m not sure how complicated it can be.

But from Facebook I know it’s doable. We just gotta connect with Discourse’s API.

I’ll let you guys know as we progress.

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