Per topic moderator

It would be very useful to assign any user to be a mod per topic, with the ability to:

  • delete / edit any message of any user
  • toggle wiki for any message
  • join messages
  • move messages to existing or new topics


  1. User wants one topic to be their own “mini home page”. They want to process spam and keep things in order in their topics on their own. They want to edit the first message in the topic, which represents the main intro about their company / farm / business / etc. But they don’t want to make it a wiki, otherwise others can edit it. They want to re-upload some images, like logos or the list of goods for sale. They want to rule it all and we’re okay giving the permissions, but we can’t for a single topic.

  2. Contest topics. There’s usually one person responsible for a particular contest, and there’s a separate topic dedicate to each contest. It would be very useful to assign “mod” permissions for a regular user for that particular topic.

  3. Knowledge base topics. Sometimes it makes sense to assign a person who’s knowledgeable in a particular topic to manage the knowledge-base-topic, rather than making it editable by everyone as a wiki.


or maybe a Per category system?

That sounds more promising IMHO!

A Person or a Group moderating one category and topics in between. Distributes responsibility properly among all mods .

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No such feature is planned for the foreseeable future, and it would require probably a man-year of deep breaking changes in Discourse to get there.

This is a duplicate of other per-topic permissions request topics that already exist, as well.