Permissions buttons not working

I’m running the latest build of Discourse (v1.7.0.beta10+71) and none of the buttons under the “Permissions” section for the user profile seem to be working.

For example, when I click the “Suspend” button for a user, enter the time period and reason (in the popup box) and click “Suspend” again to save and close, nothing happens apart from the box disappearing. This output appears in the Discourse error logs:

Uncaught TypeError: this.get(...).suspend is not a function
Line: 5
Column: 17555
Window Location:

When I click a different button (e.g. Block, Grant Moderation, etc.) errors appear in the browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
    at _ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:10383
    at Object.d [as flaggedInstrument] (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:16683)
    at _ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:10382
    at (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:718)
    at Object.l [as run] (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:20396)
    at e.handler (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:10358)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:38040)
    at HTMLElement.dispatch (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:7)
    at HTMLElement.g.handle (_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:7)

The only button which does work is the “Generate” button for an API key.

All the buttons in the other sections work fine, the only problems are within “Permissions”. Any ideas what is going on here?


Possible this is an Ember 2.10 bug cc @zogstrip

Having a look :eyes:

This is now fixed :cherries: