Persian language translations


I’m new to Discourse.
Just installed my demo site to find out that some ‘Persian’ translations are messy and not correct.
The problem is that, it seems reviewed translations with a blue tick are not editable.

Can I edit them locally? I don’t seem to find lang files anywhere.

It would be awesome if you could contribute your translations back to the community by submitting them on transifex (the platform we use to handle all of our translations).

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how we can submit a translation fix? Because I also see that there are so many wrong translation that are also approved.

btw I cant see my answer anymore. care to explain why its deleted? :confused:

Your answer was incorrect; the correct answer is to fix the translations in Transifex. Feel free to search to find how to contribute on Transifex, we also have a blog entry about it. A quick Google should assist.

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I’d love to help with the translation and have already joined transifex but as I mentioned on the first post, I couldn’t edit those already approved translations (the ones with the blue tick).
If it’s possible I’d be more than happy to do so.

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Someone from the team will have to add you as reviewer so that you can edit already reviewed translations.