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I’m curious about pinning a topic to a tag or tag grouping, especially as a workaround for adding descriptions to Tags themselves.

Specific reasoning: using tags instead of categories, plus adding a workaround for sharing tag descriptions once a particular tag has been selected.


Have you considered these 2 theme components


These might give some of the functionality your looking for.


I would like to see this, not as an alternative to descriptions, but to allow for short-term “currently hot” items to be pinned per tag.


This would be great here. Then the plugin topics could be pinned at their tags, so you can easily find the main topic.


I very much like this idea, but I feel like we are lacking a bit of details, especially considering the current UIs and structure.

If a topic has 3 tags eg: #aa, #bb, #cc and you pin it to tag, what happens?

  1. It is pinned to all 3?
  2. Admin chooses which of the 3 tags it is pinned to? (maximum 3)
  3. Admin chooses a single tag to pin it to?

Given categories already set precedence here, I guess (3) is the way to go. But that means we need to store that new information in a special new place. (currently pinning info all lives in the topics table)

Also, we would need to be very explicit about behavior… is stuff still pinnned to the top when you are looking at a tag intersection? what about a group of tags?

Lots of tiny little details here to nut out.

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Agreed. On your specific question, the behavior that I was thinking of was like your second option:

In the “Pin…” UI, there is a “Pin to tags” input, similar to the normal tagging field, with the tags currently on the post pre-selected.[1] The limit would be the sitewide-limit for tags-per-post, though.

But I would also be fine with the third (“pick one!”). Worst case, if there’s a need to pin to multiple tags, site admins could create multiple topics (which could even just link to the “main” one).

I think pinned-to-all is the worst case, because it’s likely not right for all tags (depending on how a site uses tags).

There’s an awkward fourth possibility which might be easier to implement: pin to “all tags”, except only allow it when there is only one tag. I say “awkward” because it’s kind of hard to explain and present as a limitation — but practically speaking it would fit my use case.

On your other questions: I’d say: 1. “yes” for tag intersections, and 2. wait there’s a way to show posts by tag group? How? :slight_smile:

  1. Raises question: could you add new tags to the post from that UI? ↩︎