Pin topic to groups page

In my discource I have many “public” groups.
For each group We open one topic to describe that group to invite users to join and give us suggestions.
For every group we share access links so users can see members given group and also posts.
It will be nice to we be able to pin one topic at top of that page.
So when I am at “group” page I can go to pined (refereed) topic by singe click.


just bumping this feature from 4 years ago!

I guess this feature makes the group pages more useful:

  • with such feature, the topic list in the group page becomes less random, as currently users of a group contribute to any other topics even unrelated to the group activity.

  • there are some highlighted topics for each group, which can be pinned to the group page in order to show them. imaging a great plugin is pinned to the group page of plugin authors, this way the authors can know how to work on their plugins.

  • each group may have a policy or a topic where it’s explained how to contribute to the group. instead of linking the group page to such topics, it can be pinned to the group page itself:

any other use cases you may think of?

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I did not noticed that now we can customize Header of group by editing about.
It is great feature

I LOVE this idea of pinning messages to the group inbox. In my case, we want the group inbox to be private. One workaround could be including a link to the message I would have liked to pin in the Header of the group, but noting that the message is only available to members of the group. However, I definitely think pinning is the way to go.