Pinned topics gone

So before 1.5 I had something like

But now they’re gone and I have no idea how to bring them back. If I am logged out, I can see them. There are two settings hidden in Discourse about auto-unpinning or something, I disabled that, no effect. I mean they are supposed to be sticky. I am puzzled. What am I missing?

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You read them, so they became unpinned for you.

This disabled auto-unpinning in the future, but it doesn’t re-pin topics. Simply search for the topic and re-pin it for you:

This feature can also be disabled by each user:


Not sure if I understood this yet. I want the topic to be pinned globally as before, for everyone. I didn’t see this in any changelog for 1.5, what happened here exactly

It is pinned for everyone!

Users have always been able to un-pin a topic for themselves. This now happens automatically when they finish reading the topic. Any user can disable this in his settings, and you can default-disable this setting for new users in site settings. You can also permanently disable this feature in site settings, as explained here:


I believe we have a search term for is:pinned?

Close it is in:pinned and in:unpinned