How many websites are using Discourse per country?

Do we know how many websites are using Discourse in a country?
Do you analyse that and publicise it?
Thank you!

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I’m going to guess: the question is, how many Discourse instances running in each country.

I think it’s a difficult question to answer: For example, I run one Discourse on a .com domain, and one on a .org domain. One is physically hosted in the USA, one in Germany. One has international membership, the other has a UK membership. In total there might be just 100 active users - but some instances have very much larger memberships!

Another question you might ask, is how many Discourse instances are using each language translation. Mine are both English language. I think there might be nearly 50 languages supported (but only 15 translations are 90% complete or better.)



74 discourse forums in Finland? I doubt that. 7,4 could be more accurate :wink:

There are links to all 74 sites, but you need to have a paid subscription



I guess I’m not part of their target audience …


The subscription cost is equal to the cost of launching the marketplace :slight_smile:

I think Hetzner has a Helsinki presence as an option. (Demonstrating that location of a server is only the location of a server.)

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Exactly. I’m using Frankfurt.


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