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(Camille Roux) #124

Here is Pragmatic Entrepreneurs, a community of French entrepreneurs

(Travis) #127

Strategy & Co., or simply Strats as we tend to refer to it, is a multiplayer online gaming community originally created by a core group of MMORPG players.

Our goal is to create a community where everyone can have a safe and fun place to hang out together and talk about the multiplayer games we love—a haven for adults who love gaming to get away from the toxicity generally found in the gaming world. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the gaming experience by those friendships.

We value kindness, open-mindedness, generosity, and stiff drinks. And multiplayer games. Not necessarily in that order.

Our Discourse forum is at

(Justin Gordon) #128

I just launched TalkSurf. TalkSurf is the forum for people interested in Surfing, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddling, and Windsurfing. We’ll be featuring top pros and instructors from Maui.

(Roberto_Pezzali) #129

We launch

The forum Is converted from a custom forum and of course is the discussion board for our technology website.

(Tobias Eigen) #132

Glad to happen upon this thread. is the forum for Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa, a nonprofit, volunteer-run networking platform that connects organizations working in Africa for peer learning and information sharing.

Do join us! It would be beyond wonderful to get advice and help from fellow discourse admins - come and join the discussions and let me know if you’re interested in pitching in as a volunteer developer or in other roles to help us set things up optimally. I can do a certain amount of updates and hacking around the edges but know I will bump up against my limits soon. :scream_cat:

Our interest in discourse is in adding it to our mix of communications tools - we also have a blog, newsletter, searchable directory and run webinars - all powered by a somewhat outdated setup with drupal and civicrm. The hope is to empower as many people as possible who are working at the grassroots in whatever way works best for them. Email is still the killer app so we love the mail in features, notification system and digests to help people stay connected and contributing. Discourse has been awesome as a comment engine replacement for our blog, which is very much proving to be a gateway into the forum for active Kabissa members seeking to use our platform to spread their ideas or raise awareness about their activities and needs. We’ve also been experimenting with it as a live blogging setup for gathering knowledge and ideas for our webinars which has been fruitful.

It’s been fun contributing to the discussions here on meta about features and I really appreciate the welcoming community here. Priority areas for me are UX, membership management and mailman replacement features. I am actively testing and documenting experiences in the kabissa meta category, and welcome help getting to the bottom of some of these issues so we have good feedback to give to discourse developers.

(James Finstrom) #135

We just switched our community from jumla migrating 8+ years of data.

May I add the discourse team has been fantastic

Starting a discourse community about science and maybe skepticism
(Adam Capriola) #137

I’ve finally got my WordPress/Discourse collab set up properly enough to share:


My Discourse install itself isn’t anything special, but I’ve got a pretty tight integration with my WordPress installation. SSO, group syncing, avatar syncing, and the right sidebar shows the latest topics along with notifications and unread messages (you can see in the screenshot it says 1 message).

I’m stoked with how well the integration turned out. Mad props to the whole Discourse team for making such an awesome product that allows for something like this to be possible (I thought my forums would be forever disjointed from my front page).

(Keirdagh Cantor) #143

Hey all,
Just found this list when looking around at the other Discourse servers our there. The Star Wars Club I’m in (The Dark Jedi Brotherhood) recently switched over from a really old version of phpBB to Discourse. Been taking some getting used to but people seem to be really enjoying it so far.

You can check them out here: DJB Discourse

Cheers all!

(Peter Lewis) #146

I set up a Discourse forum at to replace the YahooGroups mailing list for user community/support for Keyboard Maestro.

So far its going well, though it is probably going to take a while before the traffic moves from YahooGroups to the forum - thus my biggest issues with discourse tend to be limited mailing list support (eg not supporting quoting in email replies to the forum, not supporting email signatures) as well as education issues in trying to convince existing users to transition to the forum. Thankfully there appears to be a fair amount of “mailing list” style development going on as Discourse progresses (and I managed to contribute a few little bits of code to that end). Discourse is certainly a lot nicer than YahooGroups!

(ampburner) #147

Hitman forum
Is the community for fans of the ‘Hitman’ series of video games.
We’ve been around for a decade (since the first game) and switched from a classic forum (IPB) to discourse.

Before, we were struggling with our audience which, like any gamer forum, has it’s fair share of pre-pubescent teens spouting their angsty opinions. Which would sometimes ruin discussions for the rest of the community. ("this game **** sucks and you’re a **** - NO YOU ARE… etc ")

After the change to Discourse, it seems that activity has dipped a little bit - but the quality of conversations has dramatically increased, and I have seen zero instances of spamming or bullying. I’m very impressed with the self-regulating incentives of the platform. I’m very pleased :slight_smile:

On an unrelated note -I also did some CSS customisation, but nothing drastic.

How to add a new tab with content from a group?
(Jonathan Sandlund) #148

Amazing integration, @AdamCapriola! Inspiring to see how flexible Discourse is :-).

If you were able to integrate comments/discussion in your Home Feed, I wonder if users would even engage through the “forums.”

(Adam Capriola) #149

Honestly, there has been resistance since changing to Discourse and I expect it to take some time before users feel more comfortable using it. A lot of my community is either accustomed to vBulletin-type software or Facebook, so Discourse is a bit foreign to them. I think integrating with my home page should at least show users their topics will get decently visibility and hopefully get others engaged.

(Jeff Atwood) #150

Much better email support is very strongly on our near term roadmap so stick with us on this. It will pay off.

(samluescher) #153

We just launched:

Formlabs is a fast-growing startup in Somerville, MA, inventing next-generation, stereolithography-based 3D printers. Our Community Forum is for people to find help and support, as well as showing off cool projects.

Very happy with Discourse so far. We successfully wrote a migration script to get posts and users out of the old Zendesk forum, and also implemented custom Single Sign-On with our online store.

(Michael Downey) #160

This one isn’t my own but I just signed up there and wanted to share it – a pretty cool CSS styling IMHO. :slight_smile:

The BRCK connectivity device project from Kenya has launched its forums at:

(Nitai ) #168

Launched some time ago. Public forum for my startup which has the promise to “Simplify Your Team’s Workflow For Emails”. Check it out at


We are a small gaming community that has been going on for close to ten years now. We are super-friendly, love all types of games and formats and like to promote intelligent discussion about games and the industry as a whole.

(Dave McClure) #173

Support for small community of professional users of MTI Film’s software products for digital film restoration and film & television dailies and transcoding.

Since launching we have gotten rid of Zendesk and our users have been very happy with the change.

(Anton) #176 - Russian-speaking community of goat farmers.

(Tudor Vedeanu) #177 - a Romanian-speaking community of Mac users. Just launched a couple of days ago. I’ve archived the old website at and started from scratch with Discourse. Now I only need to make some 301 redirects to fix the 404s in the Google search results…