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(Marco) #181

Italian traditional shaving community:

(Renis) #189

Here is the Discourse I’m playing with

Albanian forum about food recipes and health.


We migrated the SitePoint forums off vBulletin a few months back.

(Jake Whitaker) #197

Mine’s a niche little forum, for ROM hacking hobbyists with a specific focus on Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series. Basically, we make new games out of old GBA games.

(Murat Demirten) #199

We’re trying to build a new Linux Forum with quality content on

(Uwe Keim) #202

The German podcasting community Sendegate is using Discourse, too.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #207

Added to the list. We recently finished moving away from bbPress. One of the developers assisting with the migration wrote a pretty extensive migration guide specific to our use case.

We tried our hand at a dark theme while at it.

(Dev Jyothichand) #211

Major news, the Imgur website decided to use Discourse for their forum! Check it here:

(Jonathan Oakes) #212

added a link to the anime networks forums

i do not own or represent them in any way.
here is the link

(jark) #213

A place for Chinese Coders , talk about code life , share your tech experience .

(Alessio Fattorini) #223

In these days I’m bulding my new community platform: I’m wondering if you could take a look and help me, I’d like to know your feelings. You can honestly shoot anything! I’m curious about your feedback :smile:

(Michael Grant) #226

I just launched CVX Forum, a support site for users of my convex optimization software. (Needless to say, a specialized community.) I’d been running Askbot until now—and I actually managed to import my user database and Q&A largely intact. I’m quite pleased with the results and I intend to share my code and experience doing the Askbot migration in another post.

(Francis Brunelle) #227

We just announced the new forum of The Seasteading Institute!

The old forums were using bbPress.

I really didn’t like the old forums. A few months ago, I started convincing The Seasteading Institute to switch their forums to Discourse. They agreed and so I helped them install and configure Discourse (it’s hosted on a 2GB ram droplet on DigitalOcean).

I am glad that the new forum is now online. Please sign up and participate in the discussions if you are interested in seasteading!

And btw, we are looking for a Discourse backup admin in case I leave. Send me a private message if you are willing to help :smiley:.

(DanielMorgan) #234

After lurking here for what feels like a couple years I can finally share our forums:

It’s the support community for Tumult Hype, an HTML5 animation tool for the Mac which we’re just now opening up after a long beta period with our beta testers for our latest software release. Let me know if you see any bugs based on my roughshod CSS customizations.

Using Source Sans, Monserrat, and Helvetica Neue throughout. Not super happy about how the breakpoints affect alignment, but I’m hoping this will be fixed on the Discourse side soon :slight_smile:

(Steven Greco) #236

I along with @Lala_Calamari run Main blog site at We are an over 25 Gaming community. Mostly focusing on console shooters but have gamers on all platforms.

(Chris Saenz) #238

I feel honored to add our forum to this list. Drive On Wood is a community of enthusiasts who run vehicles and generators on wood gas.

After three years on Drupal, Discourse is a breath of fresh air. We went with Mezzanine/Django for the static pages, and Discourse handles the active content wonderfully. We were able to import all the old posts and users.
Using Sam’s minimal theme and some custom CSS, we got a clean modern look without too much effort.

(Frey) #239

Here is our forum created for Russian Ruby on Rails community, welcome:

Chrome browser on android doesn't open .club domain
(Balaji Sivaraman) #246

I have added The Best Picture Snubs to the list as a place for discussion about movies and television. We recently moved away from the forum of Internet film reviewer James Berardinelli. The community is currently very tiny, but we would appreciate newer members who are as passionate about films as we are and who have the same alignment to the kind of discussions that Discourse enables.

(Tom Newsom) #258

Now up and running:

We’re a makerspace for Londoners South of the River. Been around in some form for a couple of years, but only just opened our long-term home in Herne Hill. Previously used Google Groups and Mediawiki.

Done a little bit of custom styling to make conversations flow. (We’ve been using Slack too, so people are used to uninterrupted text)

We’re using Wikified topics for documentation. The functionality is sparse but good enough. Having the same interface & usernames is worth it.

Next step: A plugin to link up with our hand-rolled membership payment system so that Discourse accounts can be automatically promoted to the “Members” user group. Wish us luck!

(Matthieu) #263

We build open source robot !

Discourse is our main community tool (with github):