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We just launched our new integrated WordPress/Discourse platform at FeverBee this week.
The first row of posts you see below are WP, the second are Discourse.

I have to say, after an horrific holiday of Drupal, it’s nice to be back home on Discourse again.

(Tomo Vukasović) #266

Instant Update an open source CMS is using discourse!


(Bruce Becker) #268

We love discourse and use it for the African e-Infrastructures discussion forum We even built a Federated Identity plugin for it. If you care about science and the computing, data and network infrastructure necessary to do it in the 21st century, come talk with us.

Further info :
Africa-Grid Regional Operations Centre
Sci-GaIA Horizon2020 proejct

(David Rice) #269

Well it finally happened! Discourse for the Air Cadets around the world!

Hope my users like it as much as I do!

Imported from Kunena 3 with the help of the users here!


(Cafeine) #276

This week we finished porting our news + community site to Wordpress + Discourse (from IPB 3.x) @
The site being 13 years old, it was time for a much needed cleaning of the database (it’s the 5th version of the site and we had some very VERY bad UTF8 conversion at some point…) so the import was TEDIOUS. But we did it, the users love it (but a lot hate the WHITE, we’ll tweak more the CSS soon and they started without us : Geekzone trop blanc ? passez du côté obscur de la zone (ou reglez vos écrans :p ) - Meta - Forum Geekzone )

The site is a geek nest so they love Discourse even if they hate the white. They’re have tons of fun with it right now. :wink: Thanks again for you awesome work guys !

Our history is here, if you like FRENCH. :smiling_imp: Geekzone v5 : enfin !

(Jeff Atwood) #281

4 posts were split to a new topic: Tips for hosting a Spanish Discourse

(David García-Navas) #283

I’ve added weeks ago to the first post, but not here, spanish-speaking forum about management and digital trends:

(@SenpaiMass) #284

Glad to have started with discourse an amazing platform . A new anime fan board.

(Sebastian) #289

Hi everyone. I am pleased to announce my own Discourse community, and it’s one of my longest running communities finally migrated from a really old legacy board up until recently powered by SMF. Special thanks to Richard at for making this possible.

The Spaghetti Western Database (SWBb)'s Official Forum

(already added to the wiki post)

(Joe Seyfried) #290

Installed some of the customizations, and here we go: (German community about the Mac mini by Apple).

Special features include the front page, which shows up only on the first visit or if you go to /caterogies, not with a logo click. There, we have a special display of news topics and on the bottom of the page a list of the “galery postings”, which come from designated categories.

If somebody wants it, I can put some of the customizations on GitHub.

(Krischan) #291 - Relaunch of an old German forum for interdisciplinary discourse. Based on the material design template that’s floating around here, but more stripped down and extended by an editorial component, a main teaser that promotes a certain part from a recent topic.

At this point it is a closed community, but you can apply for an invite at www.nensch,de, if you’re interested to take a look.

How can I clear the cache for my plugin?

Raytron (styled raytron) . This is a small forum about technology and gaming, started in 2014. I migrated it to Discourse in December (from phpBB). Nothing too special. You’re always welcome to join.

(DjCyry) #294

Hello ,
Working on - spanish community for hosting,servers,domains,platforms and tutorials.
Feel free to take a look :

(Freso) #295

I was going to add the MetaBrainz Community Discourse, but wasn’t sure what category to add it under. Please advice. :slight_smile:

But we/MetaBrainz (the foundation behind e.g., MusicBrainz) “launched” this Tuesday of last week:

It was originally using a custom OAuth2 plugin written by one of our Google Code-in students for authenticating against accounts, but when we found out that it was still possible to change ones nickname/username when signing up on the site, we decided to make a quick move to use Discourse SSO instead.

It is replacing our old punBB-based forums, but we (that is: mostly I) decided to go for a “clean slate” approach rather than try importing old topics. With the traffic I’ve seen on the site so far, I’m satisfied that that was the right approach. :slight_smile:

We’re additionally using the tagging plugin and @Jake_Shadle’s Jira Onebox plugin (though our Jira instance is still too outdated to actually work with this… It’ll get updated. Soon™. :unamused:). We also have one of our community members working on making a Onebox plugin for entity pages, which we’ll obviously be using, and they have additionally made a patch adding our Tagger Script language to upstream highlight.js (as well as getting that update pulled into Discourse), so we can start having users post their Tagger Scripts on our Discourse instance now too.

Far most users that have responded have really liked the change. There are a couple of people complaining that it looks too modern, but I reckon that you’ll never be able to please everybody. :slight_smile: We do still want to do some more customisation to make the site “look’n’feel” more “MetaBrainz-y”, but that’ll come soon enough. Baby steps. :wink:

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #296

I added Almería en Friki a forum for Almería (Spain’s province) to join all gamers, otakus and geeks of zone.

(Anton) #297

Another small Discourse installation that I created to support my plugin for Discourse + WordPress integration:

(Miroslav Schlossberg) #308 “Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet” civic hacking forum (Dev / Non-English)

#309 - GrangerHub is a player community site for the FPS/strategy game Tremulous, which features ultra fast game play, wall crawling aliens versus humans locked in deadly combat from strategically built bases. The game is free open source software (FOSS) under GPL2 license.

If you’ve never heard of it: The game started as a total-conversion of id Software’s Quake III, then went stand-alone when the Q3 engine was open sourced, switching to the ioquake3 engine (their forums also running discourse!).

We’re overhauling the game and we’re releasing a 10-year anniversary update (S00N :tm:). Our forum is used for development, also for clans, custom maps and mods, and more.

We wanted to get away from the environment and forum system (smf) of the “official” site, and liked the ideas presented in the “Universal Guide to Civilized Discourse” and the discourse FAQ. This inspired us to create our own Code of Conduct guide for our site staff and mods. Check us out!

(Albert Westra) #310

I’ve add our MyPaint Community Forums under Arts/Crafts. Let me know if that is the wrong place.


Our forum at went live a couple days ago. The forum focuses on riding off-road motorcycles through technical single track trails in British Columbia.

I didn’t post it in the list because I don’t see a category that fits. Should I put it in Autos? Sports? Something elese?

Change right gutter to vertical timeline + topic controls