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(Dražen Lučanin) #317

Balkan Tech Forum – community for hackers and creatives from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia to share their projects and help each other learn:

(Eric) #318

Car forum.

(Ben Tristem) #319

I would like to add ours in the Education category please:

(James Cook) #326

My site EVOwners has just gone live. It’s a forum for all electric vehicle enthusiasts and owners.

It originally started out life as a phpbb3 forum for Renault Twizy owners and was called Twizyowners (duh!). I then migrated it to vBulletin but then discovered DIscourse about 2 years ago and migrated Twizyowners over to that.

I recently used the great Category Import/Export tool to move Twizyowners data over to my new instance at It mostly went ok, still missing some things such as private messages and various site data but it will do for now!

(Mathijs Schmittmann) #327

We have a Dutch hacking/education community going on at which is using Discourse for over a month now. I’ve also done some work in translating (and should pick that up again soon to finish up).

(Scott Salter) #328

I’ve added our new Football Manager Forum to the list (FM Now -


We are gaming website XboxRepublika and we moved from vBulletin to Discourse six months ago. Feedback from community was awesome after migration. Thanks to Discourse team for such amazing web app.

(Brady) #331

We’ve been using Discourse for almost a year now but just found this thread :slight_smile: Cloud9 IDE.

(Andrius) #332

This is another discourse instance running on subfolder instead of subdomain 000webhost forum


Auto Insideout
A forum for car detailing enthusiasts. If you like anything about car detailing, feel free to sign up and discuss away! :wink:


A forum that originally started out as an Alt-Country music fan board. It’s evolved into a bit of everything. We are new to Discourse, but we are loving it!
Faithless Street

(TrustWeekend) #340

A forum for Trust.

(SC) #343


I have decided to go through all the links in the OP and put all the ones that were broken or forums that no longer use Discourse (yes, there were a couple) in a section hidden below all the other links.

You’re welcome.

(Also, if you have a forum you want to put up here, and you’re reading this, edit the OP instead by scrolling all the way up, clicking on the three dots, then clicking the pencil icon.)


Add to the Wiki (French - Retrogaming)

It s working with Discourse SSO with the main domain

I kept “discourse” in the url to be thankful to the community.

(Kurt) #345

A logistics forum to discuss ecommerce, dropshipping, and fulfillment. Whether you’re just getting into online selling or you’re already a fulfillment expert, this the place for you. Join us!

Please add to the wiki under “Business”. Thanks!

(Net Deamon) #346

It is a QA site to discuss on the books you love. You can ask doubts, or just add notes on the books you love.

If you are bibliophile, you will love this site.

Join us to discuss the books you love!


Just pushed The Soccer Forums out the door the other day. We are a community dedicated to the beautiful game. Why not power a site about a beautiful game, with some beautiful software1

(Evg) #348 (Russian)

Q&A - Questions and answers, discussion
Forum just started work :slight_smile:


Discover PAX Community, the community for all aviation enthusiasts around the world. Have a question, need help ? Or you want simply to talk with folks with the same passion than you… If yes, our community is made for you. We’re very friendly and we really :heart: our users!

Our aviation academy is coming soon, you’ll be able to talk with real life airline industry workers such as pilots, crew members, air traffic controllers and much more!

Join us now at :

Community Manager :wink:


Recently installed Discourse at a developers resource to help them succeed with their projects. Members are encouraged to share and discuss tutorials & guides, tricks & tips and most importantly their experiences :slight_smile: