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(Michael Scott Shappe) #377

I’m pleased to announced Babel, a forum to discuss all manner of science fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, and other geeky topics!

Self-hosted and right now behaving itself pretty well!

(sh) #378

Hi Discourse!

Would like to introduce C<>DE&T4LK5, a forum for programmers in Korean.

Actually planned to edit the original post by myself but not enough trust yet :slight_smile:

Let’s have fun!

(Alan Tan) #379

Is there a Ruby lang community in Korea?

(sh) #380

Looks like it. Don’t think Ruby is super popular in Korea. Here are some that I found.

Google Groups!forum/rubykr

IRC Channel

Github page



(Justin Veenema) #381

Added the Unbounce Community! Would love to hear any feedback you might have. :slight_smile:


I added a new Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency site (The Bitcoin Pub) which has done really well in just the first few weeks! I shared that here:


(Vincent Tang) #383

I was looking for the anki flashcard forum and stumbled upon the anki-toy forum instead

(Eric) #384

An Automotive Forum:


Colt Tech Network is proud to introduce were hosted with discourse
We are happy to be able to use discourse as our community platform

(DjCyry) #386

Nice !
Can you please share your css/colors design ? Thanks

(Christoph) #387

Duplicati is a free and open source backup software to store encrypted backups via standard protocols like FTP, SSH, WebDAV as well as popular services like OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Google Drive, box, Mega, hubiC, Backblaze B2, and many others.

(Vincent) #388

Le Zbeul is a French community about music and beatmaking.

(Ricardo N Feliciano) #389

I’ve attempted to turn this into a full blown website: Discourse.Directory - Product Hunt

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #390

That’s very cool @FelicianoTech, thanks for putting this together! Do bear in mind that we’ll probably build an official directory in late 2017 / early 2018, continuing on the work that was started here:

(Marius) #391

Forum for parents and carers who want to talk about the leaps (Wonder Weeks).
The Wonder Weeks helps your baby get the most out of his development during the most important mental developmental phase of his life.

(Sebastian) #393


It took some time, but thanks to @RGJ I also managed to finally migrate another of my forums to Discourse. Curtains for The Quentin Tarantino Archives’ message boards, originally born in 2001, finally reborn (also a new branding) with Discourse.

(Diego Barreiro) #394

Hey guys :wave:

I’m one of the CoFounders of Makeroid, a startup to develope Android Apps without any coding knowledge

Our website is going to be completely redesigned this week, and we will soon launch another service :wink:

And we couldn’t do that without the amazing Discourse community platform, powering our community support site:

I have no words to congratulate the @team for their amazing work!

(Keyboardstaff) #395
本论坛非 Interactive Brokers LLC(盈透证券有限公司)官方论坛,仅为支持(盈透证券)在国内的发展。

(TheBurningMan) #396

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

(Simon) #397

Hi !

I’ve joined the Discourse family a few months ago, and my forum is already active :slight_smile:

Just would like to thank the Discourse team and introduce my forum:

From the French Blog