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(Michael Howell) #398

Added the current Ubuntu community, and the Janitor discourse:

(Will Huxtable) #399

I added Fork, a developer and hacker (old sense of the word) community for those who like to make and share. We also offer free Ghost blog hosting for community members, where blog posts are syndicated as forum posts.

There’s an explanation of the community at

(James Mc Mahon) #400

All about karting/go-kart racing

(Praveen Kumar P S) #401

Added Engineer’s Asylum a community for electronics and embedded software programming.

(Vincent Tang) #402

found this guys channel @kirupa and his forum had lots of great youtube videos / forum

(Anshul Kushwaha) #403

Added Trainman - Forum for Indian Railways travellers and enthusiasts.

(Vincent Tang) #404

Frontend Tool for designing websites


Visit the Infinite Flight community, it is the forum for the best mobile simulator in the market!

(Michael Friedrich) #406

I’ve added the all new shiny Monitoring Portal, thanks for this magnificent open source software :heart:

(Bryan Holst) #407

Probably could be under “Music”… our community discusses recording and mixing music for independent artists and bands. We’d love to have you all check the site out and let me know what you think! Thanks!

(Crypto_Forum) #408

You can check this Cryptocurrency Community Forum

( #409

Welcome to!

Here we discuss everything about Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies!

You can join our CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin Forum ( to get the latest news, price movement analysis and learn the top strategies. Chat with like-minded Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency enthusiasts and share your ideas and stories.


Really enjoying your forum’s UI (and the new Algolia plugin). Would you guys be open to sharing some of the theme (CSS, etc.)?

I especially admire the compose box UI.


My forum is slowly getting off the ground. Focused on the Battlefield series of games.


Looks like this is a dead link now? is dead too

(Sam Saffron) #413

It is a wiki, so feel free to edit :cowboy_hat_face:


:mask: :skull: done!