Plugin for signatures?

(Charles Walter) #42

FYI. We’re going to wait a little while and see how things go. Doesn’t seem like that many users are putting in their signatures manually right now. Users may just need some time getting adjusted to their new home, and we’ll have to accept that some may migrate to a different style of community. Hopefully the modernity of the platform will attract new members.

(Charles Walter) #43

Our community has started a petition.

(Mittineague) #44

In all due respect, there seem to be a few logical errors (Google translated)

I suggest you add the option of signing (banner, picture) permanent post in each answer or do, the vast majority of Univision exforistas emigrated to what these forums which are much more modern and attractive but lack something super important and that are personalized signatures that can be seen after every post you make and make the forums in general a beautiful festival of precious images many of them custom designed by our own forum members workshops and design that will make these forums a lot forums more attractive.

We currently have two options signatures but neither are visible to the naked eye after posting or entering a theme and can only be seen entering profile each foristas which almost nobody makes.

This would give you a super plus to these forums because I imagine that you were once also forum members and should know that it is very important for most before you start participating in a community of forums Having such option signature image , banner, etc.

OK, I can understand that members miss what they once had,
I disagree that signatures seen after every post would make the forum a “beautiful festival of precious images” and make the forum “more attractive”
I contend they would be distracting and be detrimental to the main purpose of a forum - reading and discussing.

“can only be seen entering profile”
This is not entirely correct. Perhaps awareness of the User Card feature could be improved?

As a Staff member I often used my signature to promote forum activities when we were using vBulliten.
(Contests, important FAQ type posts etc. i.e. kind of like a mini-banner)
But for the most part most members used them for self-promotion. Far too many having joined not to participate but only to expose their (nofollow) links by making “I agree” type Fluff posts.

Over time it became apparent that Fluff posts were driving away members that were participants.
IMHO it depends on what one wants a forum to be. A place for discussion, or a “drop your links here” site, a number of quality members or hordes of fly-by members

I’m not against a forum Admin having signatures as a plugin if they so choose, but I am glad Discourse does not have them in the Core

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #45

I was playing with this on weekend, but showing a static info above posts is very simple, not so much a per user content.

I will need to change the controller and post serialization logic.

(Charles Walter) #46

@Mittineague thx for your thoughts on this. I’m going to take offline with @Falco

I do take your considerations in mind. What I’d like to see is a user field called signature that has some validation TBD. If I as a user activate it by entering content, then I will see the signatures of all users who have activated theirs. If I leave it empty, then I can continue browsing the site without seeing signatures.

I think this will be a win-win. There is a large enough group of users who appear to want signatures, and they should be happy to decorate the site with signatures for themselves, while the rest of the community can enjoy the cleaner experience.

(Jeff Atwood) #47

I definitely like the idea of people explicitly opting in to destroying their experience :wink:

(Charles Walter) #48

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #49

I’m messing with this idea here: GitHub - xfalcox/discourse-signatures: A Discourse Plugin to show user signatures below posts

It already works, but is far away from being hassle free.

Discourse really is :rainbow:

(Marco) #50

Really good man!
You can see a screenshot of the result?

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(Marco) #51

This plugin has been abandoned?

(Mittineague) #52

How long ago was the last commit made?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #53

Hey calm down bro :smiley:

I have a full time job as a developer, and at work I hack only plugins we use here.

That one I’m doing at weekends for fun!

It already works fine, but the installation process isn’t all fun and games.

Still waiting @charleswalter instructions for what to do next.

I’ll take some when I get home today!

(Marco) #54

Hahahahah Quiet guys xD
I just wanted to be informed ^^ =P

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(Charles Walter) #55

Haven’t heard from @falco in a while. I’m sure he’s tied up with his day-to-day work. Anyone else care to take a look at signatures that users opt-in to? (Basically, if you enable your signature, then you’ll see the signatures of other people). I would love to be able to offer this as a nice Christmas present to our users.

(@SenpaiMass) #56

I too once was a fan of signatures back in the phpbb2 days. Discourse changed me.
But I would like to know if the user option to enable / disable signatures could be a part of the discourse future(core). If so please do not get me wrong. I would have to opt out of discourse.
Just don’t want to see antimated sigs on every post. Makes the content really hard to read especially on mobile devices.

For example if they were sigs on this thread I would just close it.
just my honest opinion

(Charles Walter) #57

@Alankrit_Choudh the idea being discussed is that if a user chooses to enter a signature, they would then see the signatures of the other users. Only those who choose to partake in the world of signatures would see signatures of others. We have not discussed this part of being core, but @falco had demonstrated a very cool plugin that could enable this.

Our users would be very happy if we could offer them this.

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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #58

Hey guys,

Thanks to @charleswalter I’ve put the plugin in a very usable state.

And thanks to @sam browser_history plugin as example, the setup doesn’t sucks anymore!

Please check the repo: GitHub - xfalcox/discourse-signatures: A Discourse Plugin to show user signatures below posts


I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but does the example image have to be a nekkid lady?

Ironically, this is a great example of why signatures seem to be so gross…

(Jeff Atwood) #60

I agree, looks like that was already changed though?


Hmm I don’t think so. I still see it here, and in a few other posts in this discussion.

To be clear, I don’t mean the last example image (Spider-Man); I mean the 3 or 4 fake/manual signatures above.