Plugin for signatures?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #62

Man I have spent way too much time looking for a nude at the spider man image :laughing:

In all honesty, the fake sign with the lady are real ones from the hello foros page.


(cpradio) #63

lol, I did too. I kept going back and looking at the spiderman image going… I really don’t see it (and should I be doing this at work…)



Heh. I mean it’s not the end of the world. I was just at work when I saw the above image. Plus, y’know, the whole “not trying to be abrasive to women” thing.

I’m not crying or flagging anything, it just seems like an easy thing to get right- there are plenty of animated kitten gifs on the internet. Couldn’t we just use one of those instead?


(Jeff Atwood) #65

Since that is a real example from @charleswalter’s live Discourse perhaps he can pick another real example?

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(Sam Saffron) #66

Careful what you wish for :slight_smile:


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #67

Hey @sam,

After a user opt-in to ser the sigs, they nerd to refresh the browser so this get updated:

Any tips so that the refresh isn’t needed?

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(Charles Walter) #68

Major Kudos to @Falco! We have activated the signature plugin and will be letting our users know tonight.

In case anyone here wants to try it, we have a “practice category” where you can feel free to try it out (and perhaps brush up on your spanish in the process)

To activate, you’ll need to activate the “See user signatures below posts” option and then specify the signature URL. And you’ll need to refresh the browser before you start seeing signatures.

First version, and hopefully we’ll start seeing how our users respond. They have been asking for this since the day we launched!


(Charles Walter) #69

Anyone know what the process is for getting translations implemented for plugins?

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(David García-Navas) #70

I like to help translating :discourse: plugins, usually by making a pull request to the github repositories where the plugins are located.

But for this plugin i only see one string for the admin-side:

Are there some strings not ready yet for localization perhaps?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #71


I do have to use i18n method on the field description.

I’m planning to do this on next version, together with the move to d-editor to create signs.


(Charles Walter) #72

Sounds good.

@falco, can I suggest making using the editor an option in the plugin settings? I actually like the simplicity of just having a single image url right now. Of course, we’ll see what our users say over time, but it keeps it rather clean and consistent with just a single image option.

I do wonder if there is any other place on the Preferences page where the setting could be listed, vs having it under Other.

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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #73

Now that you say, this is true. :thumbsup:

This has already been moved before by the @team :smile:

Maybe we can get a better place?


(cpradio) #74

Or get multiple outlets so you can choose the best place that fits.

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(Marco) #75

I installed the plugin and it works well…
You should add the possibility to enter text and some extra line for signatures in case you want to insert more information…


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(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #76

This is planned :thumbsup:

However we want to keep the simple version as default, and have the option to use a full blown d-editor (like the bio).


(Marco) #77

We await an update of the plugin!
Great job so far =D @Falco


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