Pop up - how to css?

Users are alerting us that the pop-up for reaching daily limit of likes is far too wide and not mobile friendly.

I’m trying to repro but not sure how to make the alert pop-up without actually liking x amount of posts.

Any thoughts?


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My best idea is to use a text site where you can change the site setting that controls that limit or do it on try.discourse.org where the likes will get deleted after a day


I dropped the Likes to 1/day on my test site, but the warning pop-up I received seemed to be the ‘slow down’ one rather than the max like one. It was the right size on my phone though.


I also checked it and works fine for me on mobile. My best tip is maybe you use some custom css on modals or the user who reported is on desktop view. :slightly_smiling_face:


@JammyDodger @dodesz @pfaffman great! Thanks.

But how can I repro it on my forums? this way I can then find which class it is and do some custom css.

I’m afraid mine wasn’t the perfect repro, but I changed the max likes per day admin setting to something achievably low, and then used a TL2 test_user to check.

Though I got this message:

(which I should probably now work out why it’s giving it me in seconds :slight_smile:)

Edit: Instant realisation that it is because I have the Reactions plugin enabled. :slight_smile:

Here’s the one without, and I’ll check it on my phone now.

I think I agree with @dodesz, and I would check with your user and make sure they’re not using the desktop version on their mobile.


Great idea!
We’re using a few plugins and themes, so maybe it’s that. I just want to make sure before I “accuse” the user :sweat_smile:

If you think it could be a theme or plugin, you could try reproducing the error in safe mode and see if that has any effect on the modal width?

And here are the desktop/mobile view links just in case you’ve styled them out of your forum’s hamburger menu: (though that would make them difficult for a user to accidentally use, but I have seen it happen :slight_smile:)

Desktop View: [YourSite]/?mobile_view=0
Mobile View: [YourSite]/?mobile_view=1