Possible to generate login reminder email?

Is it possible to generate an email similar settings wise to the digest where it generates after x days without a login but is just a simple reminder email, something like:

You haven’t logged into {sitename} since
{last_login_date}. There are {x} number of new threads and {y} new posts since your last login.

Please login to view.

Have it generate at (set days) and resend every (set days) if no login made. Basically a nag email.

Use case: private workgroup forum. Not a nice thing to do to community forums, but for those of us who have adapted discourse to an internal employee collaboration site, this would be useful in getting some users more engaged. Again I know a nag email is most certainly not beneficial in a community forum, but in an employee/internal forum it can be for sure.

Any way to do this?
Some script?
Adapt a current email template and modify its generation criteria?


You can keep users who haven’t visited recently aware of developments by pre-setting the watched state on categories for them.

For a small group this could be done by hand, there are plugins which need manual modification for larger scale deployments.

The default bootstrap behavior almost does this, as the first 50 users have daily digest enabled. You could change the global default for digests to daily as well.

Why is the digest email not sufficient? It includes exactly the information in your message but also includes stuff that might actually entice someone to visit more than a slap on the hands.

A plugin could do what you want though. Post in #marketplace or contact me.


can i change this number ?

Have you tried looking at bootstrap mode min users site setting?