Post notices for first-time and returning users

The first translation is ok…ish. But the second? Not really, is male-focused: activ vs activă. :slight_smile:

How can we ignore or hide this call-out for certain categories?

Each category is wrapped with its own class, so something like this:

.category-feature-announcements { // Hides it in Feature > Announcements
  .post-notice {
   display: none; 
[class*="category-feature"] { // Hides it in Feature and all of its subcategories
  .post-notice {
   display: none; 

[class*="category-feature"] is a wildcard attribute selector if anyone is wondering (so it matches anything containing category-feature; it also covers category-feature-example, which is how subcategories are structured). More on attribute selectors.


This has been a fantastic addition to our community, it really encourages people to welcome new members. I would actually like to see this extended a bit so it’s not just their first post. I’d like to see the first post notification stay the same, but then for the next ‘x’ number of posts it still shows a similar banner that they are new to the community since not everyone is going to see their first post, and anyone that did see that first post and welcomed them will likely remember that and not welcome them again.

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Something is not quite right with those notes. On one of my instances a post from a user who I know has never posted in the forum at all received a notice

It’s been a while since we’ve seen *** name redacted *** — their last post was nov '18. It turned out that he had written a PM in November.

I’d like to suggest that PMs are not treated as “previous posts” in this feature.

On another instance, a PM that I received from someone who never posted on the forum and who - I believe - hasn’t posted a PM either, received a notice

It’s been a while since we’ve seen *** name *** — their last post was in Aug '18.

I’m not sure where the August 2018 thing comes from if he has never posted… If it’s a PM, it would be another example of the issue above. If I’ m right and he has never even posted a PM, it would be really puzzling.

If the notice is too prevalent, it becomes a crying :wolf: and it won’t be effective.

Note that TL0 users still have a light grey username, so if you know what to look for you can still tell if someone is new and act appropriately.


We probably shouldn’t display these for anonymized users:


@maja can you ensure we never display that notice for anon users?


Hmm no the anonymization code path would need to remove it anonymization time. Unless this is super super easy I would ignore it for now. So tiny. Also this is still correct in terms of the historical record, that is indeed the first time that user posted, so I am not even convinced this would be a useful thing to do.

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I’m not able to reproduce this, seems to be fixed since this commit:


Isn’t there a similar feature where admins can leave banner notes above suspicious posts? Who can view the “admin warning” banners?

From community perspective is veeeeery useful Thanks for that