Post view accessibility for last edit link

Problem: The last edits link is missed because it doesn’t have an href

Repro Steps:

  1. Navigate to any post view within the forum where the user has edited their response (ie. Set topic title with Discourse Embed )

  2. Press TAB to cycle through the page until you reach the user’s name is highlighted

  • notice the topic header is highlighted, the type of issue, the user’s profile image, the user’s name
  1. Press TAB again and the focus jumps to the relative date of the post

Expected behavior: The focus should have gone from the user’s name, to the last edits link, to the relative date.

I am not sure if this qualifies as a bug, because I am not sure how focused you guys are with accessibility.

Is it that the sequence is out of order, or that it is impossible to tab to the edit indicator?

Perhaps you can take a look @techAPJ

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It is impossible to tab to it because there is no tabindex or href (which are things that make the links tabbable)

I do have to say, the accessibility for Discourse is really well done. When I opened chromevox to test the post view the descriptions and order of links is really good!


Did you have time to look at this @techAPJ? If not perhaps you could give it to someone else to handle? I can confirm tab never reaches that element, which is not good.


This got buried in my to-do list, apologies. @nbianca can you take this?


I’ll take this if no one else has.


@techAPJ I can take this one. :slight_smile:


I already have a working fix in a private topic branch, just need to submit a PR. Feel free to reject it if a core team member gets there first.


Here’s the pull request.


Thanks for quick PR Matt! Sam merged the fix and I verified that the edit link is accessible via tab now.