Posts count and highest post number

I had a small question about the posts_count and highest_post_number metadata for a topic. These aren’t always the same. For example, the topic


posts_count = 98
highest_post_number = 105

Is this because some posts have been deleted or hidden? That seems like the most likely possibility. Though 7 deleted or hidden posts in a thread of 105 posts seems like quite a high number.

For example the URL corresponding to post 55, i.e. ending with /55, namely

shows post 54. This seems to be the first point in the thread where there is a discrepancy. So it’s possible that the preceding post was deleted or hidden.

If I’m off base, please let me know.

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This is most likely the case, as an admin you should be able to see the number of deleted posts in a topic.

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Hi @osioke,

Thank you for the reply. Just to be clear, I’m not an admin for that site (

Is there any other possible reason for those numbers to be non-consecutive?

No, if post numbers are non-consecutive then there must be hidden or deleted posts.