Prefill custom html with user's email address?

Hey guys

I want to use gumroad to sell memberships by embedding their buy button widget into the forum e.g. via versatile banner theme component.

In order to remove any friction during checkout process, I want to prefill the user’s own email address into the embed code which is supported by gumroad, see here: Build Gumroad into your website - Gumroad Help Center

So the HTML code would look something like this:

<div class="gumroad-product-embed" data-gumroad-product-id="pencil" data-gumroad-params="">
<a href="">Loading...</a></div>

Does discourse support something like that?

The front end doesn’t have access to the user’s email address. You’d need to do this in a plugin.

If what you want is to get money from people you bought check out Discourse Subscriptions

Hey Jay

thx for quick reply. Unfortunately the Subscriptions Plugin won’t work for us since Stripe is not available in our country and might be a risky choice due to the subject of our website.

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