Prevent automatic attainment of the first two trust levels

Hello all,

i would like to stop automatic lending up to trust level tl3. For this I have set the values in the options to 0. These levels should be bound to groups. (attachment)

Do I understand correctly that if someone is not awarded trust levels 1 and 2, levels 3 and 4 cannot be reached automatically?

The aim is to assign level 1 + 2 manually. If someone remains at level 1 (aspirant), it should not be possible to automatically upgrade to a higher level. Is this possible with my configuration idea?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Little section of my config:

You want your users to earn tl1/2 - it’s useful for both user education and anti spam. Not being able to attain tl2 imposes caps that will deter continued participation.

You can make TL3 impossible to attain by changing the associated values.

Level 4 is always manual.


Thank you very much for your answer. I think i must play a littel pit with the tursted levels to see how it works really.

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