Way to remove link from simple url in post

Sometimes it’s desirable to refer to a website by it’s domain name, but not have it become a link. For example, on community.wanikani.com (a forum for learning Japanese), people often refer to “jisho” as a specific website, but it is also a word in Japanese. For clarity, it is sometimes preferable to refer to it as jisho.org. But in those cases, I don’t want it to become a link.

Is there a way (as the user writing the post) to make a simple url like above not become a link? Without changing the visual formatting that is, so no backticks. I tried escaping the period, but that didn’t work. If this is not currently possible, would it be easy to add such a feature, either by escaping the period or in some other way?

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use & #46; (without the space) for the dot.

credit https://gist.github.com/alexpeattie/4729247#gistcomment-1791698


Oh boy. Good to know, but I’m never going to remember the character code… :sweat_smile:


HTML <span>jisho.org</span> jisho.org