Prevent 'jumping out' and 'back in' when using notifications for the current topic

If I am reading a topic but haven’t reached a post yet, I will get a blue notification in the top right corner. If I click on this notification, and click on the ‘goto’ link, I see what looks like a page refresh and then it goes to the topic post (that is sometimes one post below the one I was reading)

Proposal: Check if I’m in the topic I’m about to jump to. If I am, cancel the page refresh style navigation and use a page anchor jump (or similar) instead to prevent the page from refreshing. (This process might need to address your page loads though, it might have to be topic + current page for the anchor)


Yes we definitely want to get this fixed, our in page router should be much smarter here.

It does get a bit tricky cause sometimes posts are in memory but not in DOM.

This should be trivial to tell based on the URL though.

Yeah I am going to look through the routing code.

Even with url auto change disabled?

Uh, yeah… it just needs to check the topic ID. The auto-change is for the post number.