Previously read category appearing in suggested topics

I went to the Gearbox Software forums, and when I was reading around I clicked on one of my notifications to read it, and at the bottom of the page in suggested topics, I saw the category of the topic I read before instead of the one I am reading:

Blurred it so you can see the point more.


Ah yes this is a legit bug and has been around forever @eviltrout can you take a look?

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Has it been reported before? Because I got no badge! :wink:

Which badge? Bug Reporter? If so, that runs daily (I think), and since codinghorror liked your post, you should get it.


Added a wink to avoid any off-topicness, but good to know! :slight_smile:

Hey, is your name anything to do with Half Life 2? Just sounds like it… I will shut up now! :wink:

Off Topic: No, it isn’t. Actually was adopted many years ago for work I did with another system that is not active anymore. :smile:

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Off topic: Thought something like that! Out of curiosity, what was the system before?

Fixed here: