Private events can still be seen by those not invited to said private event?

I created an event, chose the option for the event to be Private, and selected the user groups that it should be private to. I then impersonated a user not in that group, but the event was still publicly visible.

Am I misunderstanding how private events work?

I think ‘Private’ refers to who can join, rather than the event’s visibility:

event status

For an event that should be visible to only some people it would need to be in a restricted category. That way it would show on the event calendar only to people who had permission to view that category.


I supposed we could have multiple events categories, but I guess then we’d have to have a different event category for every combination of users/groups that we wanted to create private events for.

Would be a great feature to add to the platform or plugin, to allow visibility control of specific topics based on user or group criteria.

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Events also work in PMs/group PMs as well if that could work for you in the short term? If you sent a PM to the users or group with an event in, it will show in the /upcoming-events only for the PM participants.