UX suggestions for Events

This plugin is cool! We will probably use it in our forum. I have a few thoughts:

  • We have restricted an event to a group and then we have removed one user from the group. However, the event is still visible in the user’s calender. As the group owner I wish the event was gone for the removed user.

  • I wish recurring events were displayed in the calender. As far as I can see the next event of the series will only be seen when the current event is over.

  • I wish my personal attendance status was visible in the calender view: check-icon, x-Icon, ?-icon for example.


Events are not hidden when you choose private, it only restricts who can be invited. All events are visible to anyone who has the ability to read the category.


For recurring events I also wish this would happen as well! We have a use case where we want to publish concerts that happen once every week, and we should be able to show them on the calendar…