Private Message - Stop users replying without the right TL for PMing

Hey all,

I’m new to the community, but love the project.

I’m looking for away, to disable “reply” in private messaging if the user recieving the message doesn’t have the right TL to be able to create a new private message. I’m assuming the “reply” button of users without the correct TL for PMs is there if they recieve a PM from admin/Mods? but obviously allows them to reply to any PM from any TL.

Is there away to do this in CSS possble if the logic doesn’t existing in the coded?



Users can always reply to a PM they get, regardless of their trust level, this is intentional and by design. Can you elaborate a bit more with specifics?


Really being able to control PMing between TL/Groups would be the ultimate goal, but I know that’s not possible, so the next best thing was restrict creating PMs say at below TL3 but then disabling replying also for anyone <TL3.

So a PM conversation can not be instigated by someone =>TL3 with someone <TL3 and continued. I understand the need for admin/mod PMs to PM restricted users and more than likely requiring a response and so see the design intentions.