Problem with Twitter. Login not working and Onebox doesnt work

Onebox seems to be working with other sites with no problems. I had posted this issue that I cant seem to resolve on discourse but had no problem in wordpress (seperately) when I tested it.

Now Im posting a twitter link and nothing shows. Just a normal link. Anyone have an idea why this would occur with this?

Changed server IP address. redid the access keys. Now I get this error

Sorry, we were unable to generate a preview for this web page, because the following oEmbed / OpenGraph tags could not be found: description, image

I went one by one thru all each theme component, plugin, removing css… All day trying to figure this out and in the end, templates/cloudflare.template.yml was breaking it.

Do you have any idea how it was breaking things?

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I really don’t. I’ll try and see more today. I did about 5 different setups thinking some port issue or ip being blocked by Twitter. Until I had removed everything and noticed that was only thing I hadn’t checked. Removed it and Twitter started working again on test server and then on main after I removed it. Added it back to test server to verify and Twitter stopped working on it again. Was already past 3am and needed to sleep.

Twitter login is important to me as well as using cloudflare. The majority of the market I’m pushing towards use Twitter. It didn’t matter if I had it turned on to route traffic thru cloudflare or had it off on cloudflare. As long as it was on the site site setup Twitter wasn’t getting thru. I left an active server up and will mess with more until it’s working.

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