Twitter signup not setting user email address

I configured twitter to login and it asks for authenication with everything fine on twitter end. I have email access enabled on twitter dev as well. When it goes thru twitter and comes back the only thing that changes is the username it says if available. It still asks for an email to continue and still sends the confirmation email to get access. Is this normal behavior? I dont really see the point int a different login if it still requires the email and checking the email as if there was no twitter login at all.

Bumping this if anyone else sees it and knows.

I just tried signing up ‘with twitter’ here on Meta, and it seemed to work ok:

Can you try replicating the issue here, or on If it works here, then there must be something different about your site’s configuration. If it doesn’t work, then there must be something unusual about your twitter account :thinking:

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Yeah something with my site then. Because it works fine on here. I’ll double check everything again.

I do have it checked to request the email in dev settings. Let me turn it off and try that and then on again.

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At, do you have ‘request email addresses’ enabled? My test config looks like this:

Yes its enabled.

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I re-did it on twitters end. Same thing. It doesnt give any data back just shows this. Thats not the username on twitter obviously but thats what it shows after its enabled and directs back to site.