Problems with 2.9.0beta2 and roll back

Hi all,

just wanted to ask, how I can roll back from test-passed (2.9.0beta2), to ‘2.9.0beta1’.

The HeaderSubmenus

seem to have a problem, and I have to roll back until it´s sorted out … Thanks!

just use the working one

Not sure what changes Mark did tho


I think the changes were talked about here:

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to answer your question about rolling back, no you cant.

Only if you made a backup before upgrade, you can restore the backup

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@Wurzelseppi, i installed this TC, but i dont see any issues.

What issues are you getting?

It just didn´t display
When I “previewed” it, it was shown, but when I wanted to have it as default it didn´t show up…

I “rolled” back to “stable” (app.yml → version: stable) at the moment, and there it is working.

That’s the easy answer. The more nuanced answer is that you can roll back as long as there haven’t been any database migrations. Then you can put a commit in where tests-passed is. If he surprised if going back you stable doesn’t cause any problems, but I haven’t looked at the commits.

That said, I’d use the stuff that works and upgrade.


Well it is displaying on my demo site


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Still works for me too on 2.9.0beta2.

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