Problems with notifications emails for spam posts?

Hi there, Discourse by default sends a summary of the post body in the new post notification emails for Watched threads. I’m wondering if that could cause problems if a few spam posts with links get past the other safeguards, which would get re-transmitted via email to the users watching the thread. In that case it seems likely that some users would mark those emails as spam, thus hurting the reputation of the domain / IP. In practice has anybody seen this happen?

If many had, it would have been changed.

I suspect that people trust their community and are not likely to mark messages from their community as spam even if they would mark the post as spam on the forum.

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Hmmm. I’m seeing that users are having a hard time differentiating between direct emails and email notifications about forum content. I’ve seen several replies to personal messages in my noreply@ address inbox because they saw the entire PM content in the notification and handled it like a normal email reply. (I don’t have replies via email enabled in Discourse.) So it seems fairly likely that those users will see a spam link and without thinking twice hit the spam button. Also I’m assuming the Bayesian spam filters that the providers run will also see links to spam domains in the email body, so they might even automatically ding the sending domain/IP reputation.