Profile image changing bug

if someone quote me, and I change my profile image after that, my profile image is not changed in the post that quoted me

AyProductions: Image changed ChirsWard: quoted from MIT App Inventor Community

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I haven’t checked the code but I think the avatar is baked into the cooked post, so those posts will have the old avatar until/unless the post is rebaked.

I have hundreds (thousands) of posts here, if changing my avatar rebaked them all, I could cause a bunch of server activity by continually changing my avatar.

Also, this is sort of a feature. This way, the post records who you were when you posted, not who you are today.


I think changing avatar does line up a rebake of the user’s quoted posts? I’m not sure on the schedule though.

Edit: I am now not sure. :slightly_smiling_face: I have been waiting patiently for it to magically kick in on my test site, but no joy yet. I could have sworn I’d seen it in action on a forum I’m not a staff member of, but looking back over a few oneboxed and quoted links from there over the last month it appears I still have an older avatar in those. :thinking:

When I searched I found this, which I thought confirmed that it did line up a rebake for them, but I think I may have got confused: