`[quote]`s use incorrect user avatar after changing avatar

The issue is

I’m reporting this here per

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Per Old user avatars in quoted text? - #5 by gerhard, I believe changing the avatar should schedule a rebake… this may take some time and won’t be instant.

If you’re an admin, you can try to manually use rebuild HTML from this menu within under the post to see if that updates the avatar:

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 12.57.07 PM

If that works… then rebaking is working as expected, but the automatic process either hasn’t made it to all the posts yet, or has failed for some reason.


`[quote]`s use incorrect user avatar after changing avatar - #2 by awesomerobot

@awesomerobot, I’d rather like to be able to mark your post as the solution. Is that plugin not active on this instance?

I didn’t think the quotes got automatically rebaked due to an avatar change anymore? Some of mine pre-picture still show the ‘J’ (though will update if I edit or rebuild html): eg

Using Discourse as a social media platform - #7 by anon73664359

Though I do remember it being raised as a bug before, so if it is broken I think it may have been broken for awhile:


The plugin is active but not in the bug category. After a bug was fixed the topic is closed. If no fix is needed the topic is moved to a different category.

Manually rebuilding fixes the problem for one post. But I would not call that a solution. If there are many posts where the profie picture was not changed, this can be time-consuming.

Also it looks worse if there was a profile picture before, because that is deleted after some time.

Screenshot taken at Usercard Redesign Experiment - #156 by ondrej