Proxy avatar urls broken in quotes with sub folder install


(Jay Pfaffman) #1

On a subfolder install site I noticed that the avatar letters were broken in quotes.

I don’t really know, but I think that Rails.root in line 124 needs to be replaced with Discourse.getURL (which makes me wonder about the other 71 files that refer to Rails.root)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What do you think @neil?

(Neil Lalonde) #3

Yeah that’s probably the reason why. Added this to my list.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Hmm no, it seems to be this:

which is used in here and here.

I pushed a fix. @pfaffman Give it a try please.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

It works!

Note to others: You’ll need to rebake after you do this upgrade to fix the avatars in existing posts. (I can’t find simple instructions for doing a simple rebake; doing rake posts:rebake_match["quote"] is probably better anyway rake posts:rebake_match["[quote"] might be better still, but it looks funny.)

(Neil Lalonde) #6