Avatar image URLs inside quotes in imported replies are not re-written


(Joel) #1

I recently went through the import process to bring an old phpBB3 forum onto Discourse. I followed the route of setting up a development environment on a local box for the import from phpBB, and then using the backup/restore process to bring the data over to our production instance installed using the supported Docker method. The forum is now live on Discourse.

I’m running into an issue, however, with replies that contain quoted posts—the avatars in the quote blocks aren’t showing up. I’ve traced the problem to the fact that the ‘cooked’ HTML for the replies does not seem to have been refreshed after restoring the backup. The avatar URLs in the quote blocks are pointing to ‘localhost’ from the development environment instead of the forum hostname on the production instance.

Is there a way to manually trigger a refresh on all of the replies’ cooked HTML?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes there is a rake task to rebake all posts, use that.

(Joel) #3

Running rake posts:rebake inside the Docker container fixed the issue completely– thanks for the prompt reply!

(Régis Hanol) #4