Old user avatars in quoted text?

I’m not sure if this is quite a bug, or just some behaviour that I don’t quite get, but it appears that quoting someone in a post stores their avatar at that point in time with the quote. Like here:

It seems like this might be a regression of this thing:

Not a bug; it’s always been that way.


I suppose its because the posts are baked with the URL at the time. Do you want a fix for this, or is it too potentially resource intensive to trigger a rebake each time someone changes their avatar?

Changing the avatar already triggers a rebake of posts containing quotes, but it’s currently quite resource intensive to find and rebake all posts. So, it’s possible that some of them won’t be updated. Post revisions aren’t updated at all.

I have plans to fix all of this when I’m working on improvements for user renaming/anonymizing in one of the next releases. It will require a new table that keeps track of all the places where a user is quoted, mentioned, oneboxed, and what not.

If you want to work on this, please keep in mind that rebaking just to update the avatar isn’t needed. I’d suggest reusing code from UpdatUsername. It’s a lot faster.


This happens after_save but uses will_save_change so I’m pretty sure it never actually triggers. Looks like it did before but this commit in 2017 (mistakenly I assume) went from _changed to will_save_change.


I think we have a couple of bug topics on this too:


Thanks @dsims for finding the root cause of this issue! I’ve created a PR with a fix.