Provide sortable columns in private messages, similar to latest topics

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Hey @eviltrout - thanks for adding column headers to messages. I like it!

I thought it was going to come with column sorting, like the typical latest view. I am just now trying to work through a huge backlog of messages as admin, and it would be very handy to be able to sort by which messages have had replies or been viewed.

I think this is mostly a feature for moderator or admin users who have a larger number of messages to manage, so I understand if it’s not a high priority. I can see via this handy data explorer query that it is only me as user 1 and discobot who have thousands of messages in our inbox, sent out automagically to new users. Ordinary civilians tend to have only a handful if any.

Filtering in this view would be helpful too at some stage, to allow us to bulk archive welcome messages that have no reply, for example.

Using discourse as ticket system, so no balls are dropped :woman_juggling: