Public question in private forum

How can i add a public question which is visible to all users (even visitors) in a private (member only) forum.

Currently our forum is closed so only registered members can only access it.but how can we add some questions which will be publicly visible to all even the visitors and not logged in users.

One Idea can be to Make all the Categories Private, Then make Your forum Public. And create a new Questions Category that is public so that anything posted only in the Questions category is shown to the visitors!

Posting Public content inside a private category (or private forum) kinda defeats the purpose of it being private


Nice hack @itsbhanusharma will try that.but is there any other way we can have public question on private forum.

I’m not aware of any way so that You may post public content (be it anything) on a Private Forum. a Private forum is usually meant for internal discussions etc for large institutions. Usually with a 3rd party SSO etc (though it works just fine without that too).

When We’re talking about public content, That is Public and hence, Category can’t discriminate it on a per-post basis.

I hope someone from development team may have a hack better than I suggested but AFAIK, I’m not aware of any such way.

You could have a bot that can read from a “public questions” topic and reproduce that in the public space. Maybe stripping out poster names, etc. depending on your level of privacy.