Quarantine by word, phrase, or wildcard? Or plugin?

I don’t want a blacklist or communism style censorship. I want to hold for moderation team review topics that could be problematic to certain topical boards. We don’t need self appointed political correctness overseers abrogating civility.

This allows for reputation growth without stifling.

Is this available as a plugin?

There are two category-level settings that may help:
Require moderator approval of all new topics
Require moderator approval of all new replies

Outside of that there are sitewide settings for trust levels… these allow you to prevent newer untrusted users from doing things like posting links or images. You can also configure approve unless trust level - this setting makes it so new users must have their topics reviewed before being visible publicly.

You also have the option of requiring posts containing specific words to be held until approved by moderators (admin > logs > watched_words > require_approval).

Do any of those cover what you’re looking for?