Quote Reply Issues

Our install (2.5.0.beta2) is having a couple of issues with the quote feature in replies:

Issue 1 - The quote is working intermittently. Users are experiencing times when the quote shows up briefly and then disappears upon replying. I’ve seen this behavior myself but it is difficult to reproduce consistently.

Issue 2 - Quoting a reply that itself is a quote does not return the proper author in the parent quote. Please see the example provided here:

Any ideas what might be causing these issues?

That is a built-in feature. When an immediate reply quotes the whole post just above it is removed by the system. Clicking on the Edit Pencil will show you why.

This is completely client-side. Only happens if you try to select a post with a quote to quote and not when using the dedicated quote button on the composer. Also the quoted post must start with a quote for this to happen.

Looks to be a regression on the recent work on this area. Any ideas @vinothkannans?


Yes, it should be a recent bug. I will check the reason.


Thanks for that background. I was not aware of that feature but it makes sense now.

Thanks for looking into this!

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Below commit should resolve this issue.