Quote widget not appearing on multiple paragraph selection in 2.6.0beta4

After upgrading to 14cb587b7e4 the quote widget no longer appears when I select text that crosses paragraphs, at least for me on Firefox 81 on Linux. No error messages show up in the console when I select multi-paragraph text that I intend to quote.

My configuration included the twitter and email share quote buttons:

I tried disabling both of those, and shift-clicked reload to make sure I had no browser cache issues, but that didn’t make any difference.

This was working when I was previously on version 5d72800. No errors have been sent to the error log since the update.

I can quote text from within a single paragraph successfully, but any selection that crosses paragraphs no longer brings up the widget.

This has been replicated by another user using the default samsung browser on an Android device.

If this does not replicate for others running 2.6.0beta4, I’ll plan to test disabling plugins with the assumption that it’s a bad interaction between one of my plugins and the new release.

Can you reproduce this issue here (on meta) on Firefox 81/Linux?

Oh, good point. No, I don’t repro it here. That’s a strong point in favor of a bad interaction with one of my plugins.

Ruling out plugins by disabling them and hard refreshing, here are plugins that so far appear not to be the source of the problem:

  • discourse-tooltips
  • retort
  • discourse-whos-online

Hi mcdanlj,

Maybe this topic is related with your issue.
A simple git pull solve the problem.

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Update to latest did not fix the problem for me. I can try rebuilding the app next.

Rebuilding the app resolved this problem for me. No idea what the changes was, but it was effective.

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