Quoted Post Edit Bug


Glad to be a part of this community. I have been getting familiar with the front end of discourse on a site I frequent and have recently discovered that users can alter the text from quoted posts making it look like other users are saying things they did not say. The quote values appear in the text edit WYSIWYG window & the community at this website I frequent has now started abusing this bug and causing extra work for the mods and admins. its super annoying for them and I would like to help.

Is there already a fix for this ? I did a quick search and was unable to find a thread with matching info…

I would imagine that the captured quote could be moved from the edit box to the preview on the WYSIWYG to solve this issue ?

Any advise is greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Below is an example of what I am talking about

Seems that any user in the db can do this to another persons quote

Case and point, as an admin of the aforementioned forum, this has become an issue

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We add a special CSS class for quotes that have been tampered with: .quote-modified.

If this is a problem on your community, you can edit your theme and add a different color, add a warning text, or even completely hide bad quotes.