Rake doesnt remove pinned posts?

Hello! I recently ran the:

rake destroy:topics_all_categories command to do some spring cleaning (i actually needed to)

But I noticed that pinned topics were still visible.

Luckily I only pinned a couple posts. They were still visible, broken, but still there.

Was this a browser cache thing or did it actually not fully delete these posts?


Looks like pinned topics are not deleted: discourse/destroy_task.rb at 1ea19a4d51d074f759cab33b6324537ca1936ee7 · discourse/discourse · GitHub I’ve never run this task before but, by looking at the code, the topics shouldn’t look broken, they are just not deleted. Maybe @blake knows more.


Hmmm, in that case there should be an --include-pinned sort of flag. That could be useful.

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Perhaps the reason the pinned posts looked broken was related to the reason I had to destroy the posts in the first place.

I wanted to start fresh after changing the forum subdomain name. But ofc keep the settings and categories. So that could have resulted in some of the broken-ness that I experienced.